Countryside A village woman making of palm sugar

Countryside & Handicrafts

Siem Reap is a gateway to Angkorian temples since the time when French explorers discovered these magnificent religious Hindu and Buddhist sites. However, there are not just temples in Cambodia, but also amazing countryside with friendly people growing rice, different kinds of fruits, vegetables, and doing their old handicrafts.

There are perfect photo opportunities, which allows you to catch great moments and candid photographs of real life. Cambodian countryside life will take you hundreds of years back like a time machine and you won’t believe you are in the present world. It is like magic and definitely something you don’t want to miss.

Rainy season in Cambodia, that’s the time when you want to be there and shoot your pics. Colors of the countryside are beautiful at this time, rich green of the rice paddies,  trees, bushes, and flowers blossoms and you won’t believe that such bright colors are real.

Photo paradise

It is a paradise for photographers not only because of lush vegetation and nature, but thanks to the rain, there is much less dust in the air. The sky has many different blue color tones and it is covered with beautiful thick and fluffy clouds.

So, what is the right time to be there? I would recommend it from the beginning of May until the end of November. It doesn’t mean that other months of a year are not worth to visit Cambodia countryside, but you have to expect that it will be different. Villagers do various jobs and they rather stay at home and do some kind of handicrafts. It is not the time of planting and growing of rice, their main source of food, so they need to make some money in a different way.

Not just a Photo Tour

This is not just a photo tour. You can also try how to do many different handicrafts with your own hands. The villagers are very friendly and they will appreciate that you are interested in their daily life. You can try how to make incense sticks, weaving boxes from palm leaves, boiling palm sugar, milling rice or make rice wine, etc. There is plenty of work to try, but don’t expect that you will see all of it in one day.

This tour is not prepared just for you in advance, it is not an outdoor museum. Villagers live from day to day, so it is up to us to adapt ourselves to their life and not on the contrary. If we respect them, they will respect us and they will be happy to show us what does mean real life.

The tour can be combined with a visit to two temples. Banteay Srei temple from the 10th century, the jewel of Khmer architecture. There is also Banteay Samré temple, which was built by the great king Suryavarman II, who built Angkor Wat as well. Both of these temples are small but worthy of a visit. In this case, you will need a valid Angkor pass.

Countryside Photo Tour Itinerary

We will pick you up at 6:30 am in your hotel. Then we go straight to Banteay Srei temple. It is really good to be there early in the morning before the big buses with a lot of visitors arrive in the temple and it starts to be crowded. We will stay there for about one hour. Perhaps we can visit another small temple of Banteay Samré. It will depend on time, so no promises.

Later we will go to the villages, which are on the way, search for what people do and shoot some nice pictures. You can do a lot of portraits and pictures with villagers doing different jobs, depends on the season. As I mentioned before, most of these jobs you can try to make by your own hands. It is fun and the villagers will be happy to see you try.

We will stay in the village till 11:00 am and then we go for lunch back to the city. We will pick you up from your hotel at 2:00 pm.

After lunch, we will visit the largest market in Siem Reap and try to get some nice street photos. Later we will visit Buddhist monasteries in Siem Reap and finish with shooting pictures of chanting monks in the oldest pagoda in the city.

We will be back at your hotel around 6:00 pm.

Photo Gallery

The Costs

(06:30 am till 06:00 pm)
1 or 2 persons – $175 US + transportation up to $45 US*

Low Season discount
(from April 1st till end of October)

1 or 2 persons - $137 US + transportation up to $45 US*

(6:30 am till 11:00 am)
1 or 2 persons – $100 US + $20 tuktuk or $35 air-con car*

Prices are for the tour, not for person. No hidden extras.
We may be able to accommodate additional persons, please ask.

*: Subject to variation depending on the traveled distance.

The tour does not include:
Food and drinks, insurances, and other personal expenses

Photography Workshop

I also offer a basic photography workshop. The workshop is $35 for an hour and it can be done in your hotel or hotel’s garden. It will increase your knowledge about handling your camera manually and getting better results from your photography.