Photography Tours Angkor Wat in the morning

Photography Tours

Explore Angkor or the beautiful Siem Reap countryside and learn how to take stunning photos

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Angkor Temples

Visit the most attractive sites in Angkor temples from sunrise until the afternoon golden hour. Angkor Wat sunrise, Ta Prohm trees and roots, Preah Khan Garudas, apsaras and devatas, and Bayon giant Bodhisattva faces. These are the main highlights of this tour.

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Angkor Attractions UPhnom Bakeng Temple - Central Sanctuaryncrowded Photo Tour Cambodia

Angkor Attractions uncrowded

Enjoy Angkor without annoying crowds. There are still temple attractions just for you and your camera. Ota is the right guide, who will tell you about your camera settings, as well as about the history, which is hidden behind in these temple walls, sculptures, and towers.
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& Siem Reap

Visit Cambodian countryside, and let's photograph local handicrafts, rice fields, sugar palms, friendly villagers and chanting monks. This will take you back in time like a machine which haven't been invented, yet. Or let's experience a street photography in Siem Reap.
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Angkor Kulen
Jungle Tour

Explore waterfalls, mysterious lingams, old temples and sanctuaries hidden in jungle, which dates back to 7th century. Kulen mountain is a magical place where once was an ancient Khmer city Mahendraparvata with wide streets, lakes, rice fields and water channels.
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Floating Village on
Tonle Sap lake

After a hot, tedious day between the hot stones of medieval buildings, you will gladly relax on a trip to the largest lake in Southeast Asia and explore a floating village. The lake is shallow, but its depth and extent change dramatically during the monsoon and dry season.
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