Iconic Bayon temple restoration coming soon

Bayon temple from West
Bayon Temple in the morning, north side
Bayon Temple in the morning, north side.

There was an official announcement from the Apsara Authority that parts of the Bayon Temple will be undergoing restoration, beginning 1 January 2020. Funding for the project has been received from the Japanese Government Team for Safeguarding Angkor (JSA) which has dedicated its efforts to the conservation and restoration of major monuments in the Angkor region since 1994.

The project will see the renovation of the huge faces and towers to the upper/third terrace with no access permitted at the highest level. The iconic ‘selfie photos’ nose to nose and close inspection of the faces can no longer take place at the upper level which is dominated by the central sanctuary. It will still be possible to see the spectacular bas-reliefs at the lowest two levels that depict stories from the Angkorian times.

We do plan to continue featuring Bayon on our tours as one of the three ‘must-see’ temples for most visitors. The faces can be seen from a distance and the intricate carvings at the first level show how advanced the Khmer Empire was at its peak. And we also know less visited places to see the faces up close.
No completion date has been given for the end of the restoration so we are expecting it to last for ‘several years’.