Life-Style Photography Tours

Did you just returned from your vacation and now you are not happy with your life-style photos? Perhaps, you are not on your pictures and if you are, your legs and a half of your head are missing. And because your arm is not long enough even if you use a stick for your smartphone, there is no proper composition, probably.

Book a professional photographer and the problem solved. Get stunning vacation photos with your wife, children or friends and of course, with you together. Photos with you in front of amazing Angkor Wat or Bayon, and inside of temples like Ta Prohm and others, photos in Siem Reap City or countryside.

Well, people travel and they bring along their camera or a smartphone, wanting to catch special moments of their trip, but the most of the time they can’t get quality images of themselves and their loved ones. They end up with just him or just her images and selfies that everybody has as a result.

If a family wants a good picture of the entire group, it is impossible, even if you use a tripod. Asking others to take a picture often ends up without your legs or an object behind you. It can also be annoying and the pictures likely won’t look good.

Ota Photography Tours - Candle Dancer - Portrait

Life-Style Photography – Go a Profi way

An experienced professional photographer knows what to do, because life-style photography is his job. He knows how to work with light and composition and he knows the best places. Therefore, he will shoot the pictures that you want. You can enjoy your trip like a traveler and not a tourist and get good quality photographs.

I will guide you to the best spots in the temples, city or countryside while taking candid picture of you along the way. This is not a posed photo-shoot, it’s an experience, where you can learn from the culture, language and hidden gems of Cambodia.

I will never share your photos online unless you agree with it and give me written permission after the shoot.

You will get 20 professionally processed life-style photographs of you for your Instagram during next five days. I will send you a link and you can download your pictures from my Dropbox.

Life-Style Photography Tour costs:

Every day from 7:30 till 11:00 – $210 US

or 14:00 till 17:30 – $210 US

Low Season discount – from April 1th till the end of October:
1 day Life-Style Photo Tour (7:30 – 17:30) = $210 US !!

Half a day = $150 US

The Life-Style Photography Tour doesn’t include:

Entrance fee for your tour guide, transportation in Angkor Archaeological Park, food and drinks, insurances, and other personal expenses

Answers to your questions

  • I suggest you book your tour at least a week in advance, though I will attempt to accommodate last minute requests.
  • I prefer smaller groups up to 6 people. I don’t do larger groups, but in a special occasion we can deal about it.
  • No, I don’t share your photos online without asking permission first.
  • If you need to reschedule or cancel your tour, please, just advise me by email, text or phone in advance of your shoot time.
  • Please, text or call me if you are delayed for your shoot time.
  • I shoot shine or rain and it is no problem. Therefore, if we get a thunder storm and an ocean falls down from the sky, we can reschedule. Remember, Cambodia has a rainy season, so sometimes a rescheduling doesn’t help.
  • I will send you a link to your Dropbox within five business days so you can download your pictures.
  • Your pictures will be ready for your Instagram – vertical photographs are 2000px by 2000px and horizontal photographs will be in width of 2000px, height depends on cropping. The resolution of all photographs is 96px/inch. If you need some of those pictures in a printing ready resolution, let me please know.
  • You have the rights to use the photos for personal and not commercial use. I retain the copyright. However, it is my pleasure if you share them, hang them on your wall or print them.
  • Unfortunately, you can’t choose your photos, but I will include only the “best of the best” in your package shoot. I will remove any photos with funny faces, closed eyes, and improper lighting.