Ota Photography Tours - Angkor temple Pre Rup from 10th century - Golden hour
Ota Photography Tours - Angkor temple Pre Rup from 10th century - Golden hour

Angkor Attractions Tour Uncrowded

Angkor Attractions Tour Uncrowded will lead you inside of Angkor temples and avoids the big crowds which crawl through these astonishing historical sites.

We will depart from your hotel at 7:00 am. First of these Angkor attractions, is the 13th-century temple of Banteay Kdei, so you can admire its colorful monk’s chambers and opened corridors, while the morning sun will help us to get stunning photos.

We will continue to 10th-century royal mountain temple of Pre Rup with its amazing five towers. They imitate five peaks of mythological Hindu mountain Meru, therefore the center of Universe. The temple, built of bricks, laterite, and sandstone and that gives it a unique reddish color. There are sand stone statues of lions, which surrounds the towers and give it beautiful silhouettes against the blue sky.

Let’s go to next temple, which would be East Mebon. It is a temple mountain same as the previous Pre Rup, just a bit smaller. But, first of all, this one was originally build on an artificial island in the middle of a huge manmade lake of East Baray. Unfortunately, the lake dried up in the centuries, but the sand stone temple from 10th century stays still and welcome you in the morning with just a few visitors.

Finally, the last temple in the morning is Ta Som a Buddhist temple from the late 12th century. It is not a big temple, but you can photograph beautifully preserved devatas and Buddhas carvings and unbelievable eastern gopura, which has been overgrown by a sacred fig.

Lunch break

It is around 11:00 am and we’we got many great pictures, so now is a time for lunch break, finally. This will take until 1:00 pm, because the sun is right above our heads, hence daylight is contrary to the photography and the heat is unbearable.

Afternoon attractions

Fresh again and full of good food we go to Chau Srei Vibol, a remote temple picturesque ruins from the 11th century. The temple was probably built by the king Suryavarman II., the same ruler who is responsible for the construction of Angkor Wat. The temple is located on a small hill, nearby a Buddhist monastery. Therefore, it is easy to get there and the temple is just behind a modern pagoda with new colorful paintings inside. Area of this temple is huge and it probably was a quite important city at its time.

Another and the last Angkorian monument, which we will visit, is on the way back to the city. Banteay Samre is an early 12th-century temple and it was built by the king Suryavarman II. As a result, it is a small copy of Angkor Wat. It doesn’t mean it looks the same as Angkor Wat, but it is the same architectonic style. The temple is unique, because of its moat, which is inside of the temple and you can find a lot of exquisite lintels and carvings in there.

Photography in villages

While we go through the villages, we can also stop by and photograph interesting old crafts done by the friendly local people.

We probably will be back in the hotel around 5:00 pm.

Free service:

Book one of our tours, even if you don’t have your camera with you. We will lend you Canon 70D and lens Sigma 17-50 f/2.8 EX HSM.

Costs of one-day photo tour

Starts at 07 am till 05 pm

Starts at 05:00 am till 05:00 pm

1 or 2 persons – $140 US

3 to 5 persons – $60 US per person

Low Season discount – from April 1st till the end of October:
One day photo tour 1 or 2 persons = $100 US, $30 for each additional person  !!

We also run a half day tours

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I also offer a basic photography workshop.

The workshop is $35 for an hour and one person and it can be done in your hotel or hotel’s garden. It will give you a basic knowledge about handling your camera manually and getting better results from your photography.

 The tour doesn’t Include:

Entrance fee for your tour guide, transportation in Angkor Archaeological Park, food and drinks, insurances, and other personal expenses

Siem Reap city or countryside tour you don’t need to pay entrance fee